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We are a Biotech/Healthcare Technology company that proudly operates at the intersection of medicine, scientific research, early disease detection capabilities development and humanity.  

Early discovery of diseases can help men and women receive treatments earlier to prevent death/serious illness and reduce total medical cost for society. 

Eggschain is the first patented and blockchain-integrated genomics/medical records and biospecimen tracking system. We enable patients to take greater control of their healthcare data. 

We believe certain pertinent healthcare records should be kept permanently, if the patient chooses to, for the benefits of current and future generations. Documenting and backing up world’s most important healthcare and genomics data,  Eggschain brings the entire healthcare and genomics industries, for humans, animals and all living things, onto the blockchain.

Eggschain strategically chooses to build on the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

Through our patented technology and team of experts, we strive to enable better decision-making, preserve the hopes of life, and help advance humanity.


​A new era of healthcare. Bring your lab, practice, hospital, onto the blockchain. 

Lab Management Solutions

We provide process-efficiency and a lab-management solution to the IVF, Cryogenic Preservation Industries, Laboratories and more, in order to improve the lives of consumers, delight physicians and clinicians, and help labs to be more efficient, more productive and inspection-ready. 


“First and foremost, Eggschain is a women’s advocate in the field of reproductive health. Eggschain leverages the latest technology to bring professional grade information and data to the individual in a convenient and secure format. Eggschain conveys the means and hope for reproductive success to the individual as well as the greater population. Eggschain’s very special signature derives from its inception as a women’s advocate from a patient perspective during the very demanding medical procedures involved in fertility diagnosis and treatments. Eggschain’s methodologies are superior to other database designs due to the patented inclusion of data security which sets it apart from other data systems thus giving the patient and other users greater confidence and ease of mind.”

Dr. Ken Drury, PhD, HCLD

“Eggschain was initially developed to give piece of mind to patients undergoing infertility treatment, but has evolved to providing much more.  Eggschain is the first patented technology that provides secure and reliable tracking of all bio-specimens, such as sperm, eggs, embryos, cord blood and ultimately, stem cells. The goal of Eggschain is to allow patients to rest assured that their genetic material is protected.”

Dr. Kathleen Tucker, PhD, HCLD

“The technology developed by Eggschain has not existed before in the field of reproductive medicine. Blockchain is an incredibly powerful technology that allows for secure recording and tracking of data, and the implications for medical data and specimens are tremendous. With infertility increasing globally along with the ability to store biological materials, Eggschain will enable patients to monitor and follow their biologic specimens. Eggschain provides secure and safe tracking of embryos, eggs and sperm, so that their location and integrity are always confidently verified and easily assured.”

Dr. Hugh Taylor, MD, Anita O’Keeffe Young Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences and Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale School of Medicine; Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Yale-New Haven Hospital

Current president ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine), Year 2021



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Founder and CEO

Wei Escala

  • Founder and CEO of Eggschain

    A thought leader in health tech, men's health, women's health, family building and cryogenic preservation industries, Wei holds the patents for the first blockchain-integrated inventory management and chain of custody technology for tracking biospecimens and its related documents, including DNA, RNA, nucleic acid, plasma, genome, stem cells, tissues, sperm, eggs, embryos and other living materials such as plants, flowers, animals, seeds, as well as additional patents in the healthcare and early disease detection arena.

    Expertise in overall business management, product & software leadership, marketing, P&L ownership, business development, people management.

    Product , Software Leadership and Brand Management at Procter & Gamble

    Director of Marketing and Software Leadership at Valvoline

    Product Development & Brand Management at Kraft Foods

    Technical Sales at Cisco Systems

    Branch Manager at SunTrust Banks

    Series 7, 66 and Health/Life Insurance Licences at American Express

    Director of Marketing, eCommerce development leadership at Evenflo

    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UT Austin
    MBA from Emory University
Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 8.09.22 PM

Kenneth Drury, PhD, HCLD

  • Chief Scientific Officer of Eggschain

    1ST Lieutenant US Army (1969 – 1971) USA – Panama - Vietnam (Combat – Bronze Star)

    Over 30 years of experience in biotechnology in Protein Chemistry, Enzzyme Purification, Nucleic Acid Plasmid analysis, as well as running high complexity research and analysis labs all round the USA.

    PhD in Reproductive Embryology, University of Geneva

    Post Doc, Molecular Function of Maturation Promoting Factor
    University of California, Berkeley

    Editor, Journal of Clinical Embryology (JCE)

    Sr. Scientist, Microgenics

    Scientist, Codon Genetic Engineering

    LabCorp Reproductive Medicine Advisory Board (2005 - 2007)

    Clinical Professor, Department OB/GYN Department of Physiology and Functional Genomics University of Florida College of Medicine

    Director In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory Norton Hospital Louisville, Kentucky Assistant Clinical Professor Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    University of Louisville
Carolyn Thompson

Carolyn Thompson, MD

  • Medical Director of Eggschain

    A board-certified OB/Gyn with 30 years of clinical and surgical experience as well as health tech experience translating clinical knowledge into operations/implementation.

    MD, board-certified OB/Gyn, FACOG
    MD in Medicine, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
    OBGYN, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

Kathleen Tucker, PhD, HCLD

  • PHD in Reproductive Biology, University of Massachusetts
  • MA in Endocrinology, University of California, Davis
    BS in Animal Science, University of California, Davis

Alex Stojanoff, PhD, HCLD

  • CEO of Clinical Laboratory Holding Company
    PhD, University of Melbourne,
    Master's science, Monash University, Ob/Gyn
    High Complexity Lab Director
Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.52.35 PM

Gerry Celia, PhD, HCLD

  • PhD, Molecular Biology & biophysics, University of Vermont
    Over 15 years of experience in clinic Assisted Reproduction as a lab director
Gordon D

Gordon Daugherty

  • Chairman at Capital Factory
  • Expert in startup advisory (has personally successfully advised over 500 founders)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Baylor University

Timothy Beals

  • 30 yr veteran in cryopreservation
Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr

  • Serial entrepreneur, founded VC backed startups
  • Mentor, Techstars
  • Co-founder, CEO of Zosh, acquired by HighTail in 2010
Julie updated

Julie McDermott

  • Over a decade of experience in fixed income trading at Citigroup and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
    MBA from Columbia Business School
    BA in Molecular Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Advisory board member of the Global Alliance Program at the Aspen Institute, and participated in entrepreneurship and investment delegations globally

Cameron Desautels

  • Bachelor's and Master's degree in
  • Computer Science
    University of Texas at Dallas

Denny Sakkas, PhD

  • Scientific Director at Boston IVF
    He is internationally recognized, and is frequently invited as a speaker at major conferences worldwide

Enrique Gallegos

  • CEO of Laredo Medical Center
    Experienced Hospital Administrator

Barry Drexler

  • 30 years of Senior HR Executive experience, VP of HR at Lloyd bank, VP of HR at Lehman Brothers, HR manager at Willis Towers Watson.

    Barry holds BS in Business Management from Syracuse University and has earned the designation of Senior Professional in Human Resources from the Society of Human Resources Management.
Rudy Prince

Rudy Prince

Experienced startup advisor & strategist

University of Texas at Austin, BSME, Mechanical Engineering


David Willard

Experienced Investment Banker
Expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions
Goldman Sachs

Princeton University, A.B. magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
NYU School of Law, J.D. Cum Laude


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