Eggschain Makes Leap Forward in Accessibility and Convenience
as First Biotech Using Bitcoin Lightning Protocol

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Blockchain Pioneer Leading the Charge to Bring Healthcare to a New Era: The Empowered Patient

Austin, TX – March 28th, 2023 – As part of its ongoing commitment to empowering patients with transparent and secure access to their medical records, Eggschain has become the first biotech using Lightning network and bitcoin core, while leveraging the principles of Taro protocol. Eggschain achieved this industry first on January 18, 2023, when it went live on Testnet.

Eggschain, the first patented, blockchain-integrated health history and biospecimen tracking system, was created to allow patients to place their important medical records on the blockchain, enabling transparent access to all their healthcare information while also ensuring secure, immutable and private storage. This pioneering system has a wide range of use cases and user benefits, from documenting pre-existing conditions and procedures, to creating an unerasable chain of custody for storage and tracking of biospecimens, such as cord blood, sperm, eggs, embryos, tissues, organs, blood, DNA, RNA, genome and more.

“When it comes to their medical records, people are increasingly concerned about privacy, security and access.” said Wei Escala, founder and CEO of Eggschain. “This innovation breakthrough, engineered with bitcoin Lightning network while leveraging the principles of Taro protocol, makes using Eggschain for secure transparent access and documentation of your own medical records as simple and seamless as possible. This is ultimately what people want: high-quality and accessible data, a universally trackable format that enables greater confidence and better-informed decision-making that supports your health and well-being.”

Beyond its value in securing medical history for a lifetime and beyond, as the first patented supply chain system that combines blockchain and genetics to bring secure, transparent and professional grade information and data to individuals, Eggschain has the power to profoundly impact the entire healthcare industry.

Eggschain and Boston IVF formed a partnership to leverage Eggschain technology for cryogenic preservation of sperm for use in IVF and other fertility and non-fertility treatments as well as long-term storage. Through the partnership, Boston IVF, one of the country’s leading fertility treatment networks, will provide a 10% lifetime discount on sperm storage to Eggschain customers who use the platform. In late 2021, Escala made history by storing her eggs on the blockchain, doing so through the platform she and her team conceived and created. In late 2022, Escala again made history by storing her second cycle of eggs on the lightning network and bitcoin, thoroughly testing out the platform before opening it up to the public.

Eggschain is available to anybody holding bitcoin, with the patented supply chain system.


About Eggschain, INC.

Eggschain is a healthcare technology company and thought leader in the fertility, health tech, family-building and cryogenic preservation industries. Patent-granted and cloud-based, Eggschain is the first blockchain-integrated inventory management and chain of custody technology for tracking bio specimens, including sperm, eggs, embryos, genome, stem cell, tissues and organs, and other genetic material. In partnership with several of the world’s leading experts in reproductive biology, endocrinology and high complexity labs, Eggschain delivers medical grade information and data to individuals in a secure, transparent and universally trackable format. At its core, Eggschain strives to enable better decision-making, preserving the hope of life and helping to advance humanity.

About Boston IVF

Boston IVF is one of the largest and most experienced fertility networks in the United States, with more than 100,000 babies born since 1986. Founded as one of the nation’s first private practice IVF centers, the Boston IVF network has grown to now include over 30 reproductive endocrinologists and 30 centers throughout Massachusetts, New England and the United States. A renowned innovator of reproductive technologies, advanced protocols, and cutting-edge research, Boston IVF has achieved numerous “firsts” in the field of reproductive care. Its scientific and research arm continues to pave the way for breakthroughs in fertility care and its accredited REI Fellowship Program has graduated more than 30 reproductive endocrinologists as part of its mission to train the next generation of fertility experts.

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