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Check list to prepare for Egg freezing/IVF

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The objective of writing this article is to provide women, who either want to freeze eggs for future use or undergo IVF procedure soon to create a baby, a checklist that she can consult. This article does not constitute medical advice, please consult a doctor for your specific situation.

Written by Eggschain editors, medically reviewed by Hugh Taylor, M.D.

The checklist includes:

  1. A functioning refrigerator
    • For preserving your medication
    • Back-up electricity supply
  2. Start taking prenatal vitamins right away
  3. Be prepared to go to the labs (such as Quest Diagnostics) to have your blood drawn and tests done
  4. Find a good fertility doctor. Please see our doctor directory
  5. Understand the fact that you need to go to a lab when you start menstruation to get tests done
  6. Be selective about your sexual partners before and during this process, if not in a committed relationship
  7. Adhere to FDA guidelines if you think there is a possibility of donating your eggs/embryos

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